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Just in case you are in any doubt about where Aurora is!



The Louvre. 60,600 square meters and the world’s most visited
museum. We recommend good footwear and don’t be surprised if
you suddenly find it’s closing time and you didn’t manage to get the
whole way around – it’s amazing!



Completed in 1989 the glass pyramid was the brainchild of architect I. M. Pei.



Spellbinding detail!



The world’s most famous painting – and it’s admirers. Strangely enough it’s just about the only one in the gallery that is completely sealed off and protected from damage.



This was no mean feat to get Aurora completely alone in the frame – patience was rewarded!



And here she is in all her glory. Lisa Del Giocondo by Leonardo da Vinci. A mere 77cm x 53cm, painted sometime between 1503-1519, and priceless!



The stunning Egyptian section is full of amazing treasures that leave you in awe of theĀ  magnificence of this civilization.



In life, a fashionista.



We have all seen them in photos and film but nothing can prepare you for the slightly unnerving sight of this mummy – the care, detail and preparation taken to send the wealthy on their final journey is incredible. This exhibit left us spellbound for quite some time.