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It had gone 22.30, and I remarked to Aurora that I hadn’t seen the deer today. It’s pretty dark outside, but because of the snow and the soft glow of houselights, it’s possible to see the trees and bushes in the garden. I put my head close to the window, and to my surprise I was just able to make out a young female. She had come down to¬† feed on some of our rock plants – her white rear easily giving her away.

We have a lamp in the garden, so we switched it on in the hope she wouldn’t run off – and incredibly, she didn’t. Aurora quietly pushed open the kitchen window, and got the camera ready. I just happened to have an apple which I cut into 4. After carefully opening the kitchen door, I threw them up to her, one after the other. She didn’t even flinch, but dug around in the snow until she found them… and boy did she enjoy them!

We couldn’t believe it when Aurora’s flash went off and she hardly reacted at all – finding the apple was obviously far more important. The resulting photos are below – fun to see her. We know the deer visit most nights, but usually it’s only because we see their tracks in the snow the morning after.