Cicely Martin

I am taking the liberty of posting a little ryming story I wrote here on Aurora’s blogg post.

Feedback is welcome!  There is some ongoing work to illustrate it,  perhaps we can include a picture or two later!


A rhyming story with a moral – suitable for a picture book with perhaps two lines of verse on each page. I used the names of my own daughters on the last line of the tale.



Now Cicely Martin was a special wee child

Whose parents just thought she was terribly wild

So they called for a doctor…not one of the best

Who gave her some pills, and told her to rest

But Cicely Martin just couldn’t lie still

To the best of her knowledge, she wasn’t ill

She climbed out of bed, then sneaked out the door

And decided she wouldn’t come home anymore

Page 2

Now, you may well be thinking her parents were sad

But I’m sorry to tell you …they were secretly glad!

On the six o’ clock news they told the reporter

They couldn’t imagine not having a daughter

In front of the camera they pretended to cry

But both you and I know… it was a terrible lie

Page 3

This is where Cicely lived…

Things were quiet at first, but that didn’t matter

Dad bought a grey parrot that wanted to chatter

And then at the table, where our Cicely sat

Mum put in her place, a black and white rat

Page 4

Upstairs in this room, you’ll see Cicely’s bed

Mum tucked in a snake that was yellow and red

It liked slithering silently under the covers

A thing that would frighten most other mothers!

But not Cicely’s! …She eats jellied eels for breakfast!

Page 5

And here is the bathroom that Cicely used

I’m not surprised if you’re a little confused

Because under the sink, there’s a terrible stink

From a couple of ferrets and a cheeky wee mink

Page 6

This is the room where Cicely played…

Now if you should choose to open this door

You’re in for a fright, and that’s for sure

Because instead of her toys

There’s a rather odd noise…

Her father thought it was awfully funny

Keeping a bear and feeding it honey!

Page 7

Oh Dear!

Here’s Cicely’s pram, but something’s not right

Because all of her dolls have vanished from sight!

And what of the neighbours…well, they’ve run a mile

Because her parents just bought… a huge crocodile!

They then decided, it would be better by far

If they fastened a hippo in her seat in the car

He was a little bit heavy, so the tyres went flat

But he was better than Cicely – they agreed upon that!

Page 8

Now, I know you are thinking: “Where did Cicely go?”

Well, she went to Hollywood, and starred in a show

She made bags of money and became very wealthy

And wrote twenty books on how to stay healthy

From time to time Cicely would take a look

At the family pictures in her photo book

This is a photo she had of her Mum and Dad…seeing it made Cicely a little sad!

Page 9

The very next day Cicely flew home on a plane

Her life wasn’t just about money and fame…

She hoped that her parents had changed for the better

So she turned up at their door without writing a letter

This is how it looked when they opened the door…..

When Cicely found out what her parents had done

She was shocked at first, then scolded her Mum

“These poor little animals need somewhere new”

And the very next day, Cicely bought them a Zoo

Page 10 & 11

This is Cicely’s Zoo…

Please take a look, and I’m sure you will see

The Croc and the Bear and the Rat having tea

And there are the Ferrets and the cheeky wee Mink

And the Parrot who’s over there having a drink

Just look at the Snake, who is having great fun

Scaring the Hippo while he’s eating a bun

Page 12

Right here at the entrance to Cicely’s zoo

People are running to be first in the queue

There are two new arrivals they all want to see

Just have a guess at who they might be!

It’s Cicely’s parents, and they look very sad

But that’s what you get, if you choose to be bad!

One thing’s for sure, they are both very healthy

Because Cicely found a way to stay wealthy

You can feed them with bags of broccoli spears

(If I told you the price, you’d soon be in tears!)

£2.50 each! So turn over quickly in case they try to sell you one!

Page 13

All in all, things worked out very well

How life will turn out, we never can tell

4 years later…

Take a look here. I think you should see

Someone you know is on the TV…

Page 14

A proud Cicely Martin is telling reporters

She’s happily married with two little daughters!

And their names are Stephanie and Camilla!