THE POMPIDOU CENTER – colourful Paris

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Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris.


The Pompidou Center. An interesting building with a fun elevator trip to the upper floors. Be truthful though, would you want it in your back garden? Not so sure – but it certainly has a quirky and fun functionality that reflects the diversity of the artworks on display. Well worth a visit, and there are many interesting shops and other galleries in the area



Suddenly reminded of airport check in or passport control here at the entrance 😉



I think the area in front of the center could look so much better with some kind of makeover, it was all a bit scruffy to be honest. Just cleaning the graffiti off the pipes would have helped. Watch out for con artists – they were wandering about with official looking hand held charity pads with loads of signatures on them. There were two girls playing deaf and dumb on our day but we caught them out when they were taking a break from ripping people off.



Looking down from the top floor.



The first work to greet us – a photo doesn’t do it justice it was
fascinating to interact with.


Just two works here, and hardly a reflection of the Center – if you love art or just want to be inspired, amazed or witness something unique you have to visit.



Yes of course – Pablo Picasso!



Henri Matisse – Decorative figure on Ornamental Background. They don’t get more colourful than him – he was brilliant!


The iconic ” Jeune fille en vert” or Girl in Green with Gloves by Tamara de Lempicka just draws you closer, and seeing it in the
Center was a highlight – it’s brilliant and has been a source of
inspiration to so many. Painted in 1929 and quintessentially Art Deco.



Aurora making an entrance! We travelled everywhere on the
excellent Metro and due to a few days with pollution we didn’t
pay a single euro.



More colour – French old-fashioned style carousel with stairs – wonderful!



More colour – this time on the Pont des Arts – sadly all gone now
including ours somewhere slap bang in the middle of this photo.



Final photo, and I am unable to put a name to this fabulous building – can anyone help me out – thanks!

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