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Montmartre, the area surrounding a 130 meter hill, is famous for it’s rich heritage. From 1872 to 1914 it was the bohemian home and workplace of many famous artists and composers. I’ll probably get slated for saying this, but a blog needs to be honest, and if you are expecting to wander around and see the kind of work Renoir, Degas, Matisse or Picasso were creating here, then you will be very

Most of the stuff being churned out there is by multicultural artists aiming solely at the tourist market, and it is unfortunately reflected in the quality and subject matter of their work. On that day anyway I can honestly say I didn’t see a single canvas I would have bought.



We had a good laugh at a certain “Monsieur” who certainly looked the part but we could see he wasn’t painting at any easel – just out to impress the Mademoiselle’s I think. On another note – e cigarettes were quite the thing around here 🙂



We had a very good meal here at Le Cadet de Gascogne, an excellent lamb shank pictured below. It was cosy inside and despite it’s
location it didn’t have a touristy feel about it which was very
refreshing. Great place to sit outside with a coffee and watch the
world go by.



Lamb Shank with ratatouille – the cold beer wasn’t bad either!



Crowning the hill is the Basilique of the Sacré Cœur offering
spectacular views from it’s popular steps. Today it is a symbol of
remembrance to the 58.000 who lost their lives in the
Franco-Prussian war. It houses the nineteen-ton Savoyarde bell
(one of the world’s heaviest).



Beautiful interior shot by Aurora.



View from the steps – to the right out of the picture is a cable car  (Funiculaire de Montmarte) that takes you to the street below. The cable car fee is included in regular Paris Metro tickets and passes.



We were lucky enough to hear this guy playing that day – he was brilliant, and a pleasure to listen to – he certainly earned the euros we gave him!

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