PARIS – The Eiffel Tower

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In 2014 we had a brief visit to Paris. We were on a bit of a shoestring but that really doesn’t matter. Paris is a wonderful city, incredibly vibrant, and there is so much to see and visit – no wonder we and many others will always want to go back. Like the tourists we were, we left our romantic tribute in the form of a
padlock on the  Pont Des Arts – no longer there unfortunately as they were removed in 2015 to prevent any more strain on the iconic 19th century bridge 😦

This post is predominately about the Eiffel Tower. We all know it and how it it looks, but nothing compares to the thrill of taking the steps to the elevator and finally to be rewarded by mind blowing views of this beautiful city.



Aurora through her lens, anticipating what is to come – 324m. high, 1665 steps to the top.



Paris makes you want to jump for joy! Aurora and I at Trocadero.


Next stop buying a ticket – hoping  the queues are small, and
incredibly they were!



The glass floor was a new addition in 2014 – 57m above ground and lots of scary Oohs from those stepping out into the middle.



Just one section of the 10,100 tonnes of steel used to build this iconic tower.



And why not – a treat in the form of glass of Champagne to enhance the romance as you reach the top – the final elevator trip was an
adventure in itself – try it! It was windy up there too!


bilde 4(22)

The River Seine about 300 meter below!



We cast a shadow over Paris!



You just can’t visit Paris and not admire the vision of Gustave Eiffel the engineer and architect behind the tower.



Looking back down to the Trocadero Gardens – just beautiful!



We waited until sunset, and watched Paris begin to light up.



Back where we started, and we were treated to the Eiffel Tower in full dress – 20,000 light bulbs in a dazzling display – thank you Paris!

Here’s a little video of the tower in party mood.


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