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If you have been away from Scotland for a while, and particularly
Edinburgh, then the Royal Mile is not a bad place to kick off a visit.
You will almost certainly hear the skirl of the bagpipes, usually from
a Scot in full dress tartan, playing to an bustling audience of mobile
wielding tourists.

You see colourful people passing by everywhere, and impromptu
events often occur and draw you to a sudden halt.



Aurora and I took a good look inside the very beautiful St Giles Cathedral. We gladly paid the £2 donation for our sticker. It allowed us to take all the photos we wanted, and there were many  when we left forty minutes later. They will be the subject of a future post.







We took a beer in Deacon Brodie – probably the most famous pub in the area.The rogue  who gave the pub it’s name also inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hyde in 1886. Brodie was an upright citizen by day, but a thief, drunkard and gambler by night, and was eventually hung for his crimes.



A new event in the shape of a black Double Decker caught our eye as we left the pub – The Ghost Bus Tour in a genuine 1960’s
Routemaster bus. The trip around some of Edinburgh’s more sinister sights began at 17.30 so we had to give it a miss this time.

We took the walk to the Castle walls, but having been there before, turned around and took the walk back down on the sunny side of the street – we were lucky with the weather!


Tawny Owl


A stunning Eagle Owl



Once again a surprise greeted us on the Mile in the shape of 3 beautiful creatures – an Eagle Owl, a hybrid Falcon and a fourteen year old Tawny Owl – if my memory serves me correctly.

I must add here that I am not a supporter of animals that are used to earn money for their owners but Owls need our help so the £3
Aurora paid to hold this stunning Eagle Owl went to support the sanctuary. The birds were completely at ease and in wonderful
condition so to be able to come this close to a creature we would
probably never see in the wild was amazing and it has inspired us to
set up an owl box in our own woodland.

If it has this kind of educational effect on others, then I think and hope the Owls and other birds of prey are the real beneficiaries here.




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