Quick visit to Edinburgh.

Aurora and I took a five day trip to Edinburgh for a 90th birthday celebration. It was almost 3 years since our last visit and we flew Ryanair from Oslo Rygge.  After a one hour thirty five minute flight we landed in a bigger, and greatly improved Edinburgh Airport. Seems crazy that the parking in Rygge costs more than the flight, and if you then include petrol and road toll to the airport, it was
definitely a bargain!


The first Edinburgh icon to greet you off the aircraft is the airport’s strikingly beautiful 57 meter high Control Tower that features on many of the tourist adverts. At night it’s lit up in an array of changing colours – Aurora caught it here in a borealis green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The tower which deals with around 400 flight
movements each day, was designed by the Glasgow firm of 3D Reid, and came in on budget at almost 10 million pounds.


We were lucky enough to be chauffeured around in a BMW 6 series or a Mini Cooper most of the time, but also had several bus trips – sitting on the upper deck for the view. You cannot help but be shocked at the state of the roads in Edinburgh. It seems that there is hardly an inch that hasn’t been dug up at sometime and re-asphalted and never it seems, at the same level as before! Add to this the many areas of cobbled streets (I love them and they give character, but they are in dire need of repair). The result is you get a bone shaking ride almost anywhere, and in any car. If that hasn’t wrecked your suspension in record time, you are then subjected to rows of
horrendous speed bumps everywhere making many bus trips a nightmare – the drivers deserve a medal!

Edinburgh is in the middle of much debate over their new mind blowingly expensive tram system. They will at least give a smooth ride, but we didn’t see huge numbers of people using them.

In the ten years since the first money was allocated to the project, the price has doubled, the network has halved, and it has taken twice as long to build!

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