The snow is back and still falling. That brings our three hungry Bambi’s up from the valley to scrape after a bite to eat. They are a
little tamer than before, and hang about to see if I throw them
something tasty. Being a bit soft, and giving into those big brown eyed stares , they got what they wanted in the form of a few carrots (the cut price ones I hasten to add).


After a minute or two, they wander into the garden, and you can see them smelling their way to where they dropped into the snow.
Aurora is now able to open the window without frightening them, and we can hear the crunching of carrots as they dig them out one by one.  Even though they are obviously good pals or family, when it comes to food there are no friends and it’s the first to find them that stakes their claim. The others get a head butt in the belly if they fancy their chances of joining in.








Just another day with some magical moments, and the chance to
reflect upon how lucky we are. We get angry here when others in the area want to thin out this belt of trees – cutting down wonderful old pines in order to get a view. These trees give us some colour and shelter in winter, and provide homes and food for squirrels and birds alike. Already in some areas, there are only the leafless branches of the birches left, and houses that were once hidden now come into view in winter.

An hour or so after the deer wandered off we hear on the UK news channel that Paraguay has logged all but 7% of their forests. In the Chaco region reports say 14 million trees were felled in one month – the fastest deforestation in the world. The ranchers and bulldozers are threatening the very existence of the native Ayoreo tribe not to mention some of the most diverse wildlife in the world – soon there is nowhere to hide.

We humans are so destructive!

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