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We had some cold and icy nights, but wonderful things reveal
themselves when you decide to take a really close look.



The snow is back for a few days, and that means we’ll get some visits from Romeo here, who even at his young age, likes to keep the girls in place.



And this of course is Juliet – posing for the camera.



This cheeky fella has a sly smile on his face – probably because he found a sneaky way to get under our decking and get a bit of shelter. It’s a photo from last year, and so far we have had one visit at
Christmas, but I’m sure there will be more.

There are 2 badger sets we have heard of in the area, and we have had three badgers in the garden together at one time – they love looking for peanuts dropped from the bird feeder!

I had a magical experience last year when I was sat on the steps at the back door to the garden. A cat appeared, and was suddenly joined by a badger, and a staring match went on in the middle of the decking. A minute later I hear a really loud clop of hoofs that got my adrenaline going for a second. A large deer came up the side steps, and stopped beside the other two. I sat dead still, and watched them suss each other out. A moment later the cat arched it’s back and hissed loudly, and that was it – the deer shot off into the woods, and the badger scurried under the decking.


In case your wondering – that’s me they are talking about!







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