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Here’s a different shot from Aurora. This amazing building is
understandably an acclaimed World Heritage Site and we were lucky to get in pretty quickly. The queues can vary in size and we gave up the first day, but it’s too incredible to miss if you don’t have to rush back to the airport. Most local Catalans in the city will use it’s more popular nickname of La Pedrera (The Quarry). The house was commissioned by the wealthy businessman Pedro Milà i Camps. Work began in 1906 and took four years to complete. This was Gaudí‘s biggest and last civil project, before devoting himself
to his Basílca de la Sagrada Familia.



The entrance – and not a right angle in sight!



This photo reminds me of Easter Island – mysterious and alien in some way, but in fact it is nothing more sinister than another
example of Gaudí‘s genius. There are 28 chimneys in all and they are twisted to allow the easier passage of smoke from the building. They also have half-hidden air vents to allow air to circulate into the


Some of the impressive chimneys – now of course they are more
often likened to something from Star Wars. On the roof you’ll
see skylights, staircase exits, fans, and chimneys. All of these
elements are coated with limestone, marble and bits of broken glass. I would recommend you take a “Google” sometime as the story of the buildings history and further development is fascinating.



Aurora’s lens, but for once I had to take the shot. While you
speculate over these incredible soldier-like ventilation chimneys
you will enjoy the most spectacular views from almost anywhere on the rooftop.



Gaudí himself would never have seen this spectacular view from one masterpiece to another – what a legacy to leave Spain.


 A view towards the Torre Agbar. Designed by Jean Nouvel and base for Aigües de Barcelona who are responsible for Barcelona’s water supply, car taxes, health care and a few other civic posts. This
wonderful building reflects and plays with light thanks to a special glass skin. Another fine Barcelona landmark that can also produce spectacular electric displays at night.

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