I love Sitges, and almost always find my way there whenever I’m back home in Barcelona. It’s about 35km to the south west and is easily reached by bus or the Renfe train service which takes about 40 minutes from the airport with a change in El Prat de Llobregat.

Stepping out of the station you’ll enter a world of cobbled streets and narrow alleys. Beautiful buildings dating from renaissance to art nouveau will tempt you down towards the seafront and it’s historic baroque church.



The promenade is kind of LA’sh with it’s long strip of golden sand, tall palms, and wide raised walkway running the whole length of the beach. You’ll almost certainly hear and see the parrots as they fly back and forth overhead.

Sitges is famous for it’s carnival and film festival, as well as being a popular gay resort. Most of the gay bars are confined to one or two streets, but in the summer everyone blends into a vibrant mix of tourists and Catalan day trippers. The town is clean and tidy with a well organized laid back feel.

Despite it’s compactness there is plenty to see with many galleries and museums to visit too. The quality shops are irresistible (something that sets Sitges apart from most tourist towns). You will find everything you need but never have the feeling you are paying crazy tourist prices.

In Sitges you are spoilt for choice of bars and restaurants, but you’ll pay a little more for a sea view.


Take some time to check out the older part of town beyond the church where you may find the market stalls in full swing. Wherever you are, look out for pretty courtyards with outdoor service. Many are very pretty with shady olive trees and colourful bougainvillea.

Of course you can’t leave without taking a swim. The sand slopes gently into the sea so it’s very safe for kids. Like most beaches in Spain you are able to shower off the sand when you come out.

When I was back in January things were very different of course, much quieter, and easier to get a good photo without an arm or a leg suddenly appearing in the shot!


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