My name is Aurora Leonor Jimenez Lorente (Yes! That’s how we do it in Spain). I was born in Barcelona and left to live in Norway when I was 19. For the past 32 years I have lived on the outskirts of Oslo and traveled back and forth between these two great cities.

Like Spain, Norway is famous for it’s beautiful scenery and special charm, so with my passion for photography I always have my camera close at hand.

I now feel the time is right to share all that is dear and beautiful to me as the days and seasons go by, and perhaps let you see why I am so privileged to have this dual nationality. Whilst my main focus will be on landscape, wildlife, food and architecture, I hope to cover places to visit, as well as people and things that may be of interest to you – not forgetting a little insight into my daily life here!

All text is in collaboration with my partner.

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